Welcome to ‘The CPA Oasis’! This cozy corner of the internet is where I share my thoughts on all things money-related, like accounting and finance, and how to use nifty tech tools to make life a bit easier for us accountants—the ancient profession known for its technical prowess. sarcastic look And yes, you heard right—we are ancient! Even the early Egyptians and Babylonians had auditing systems, and the Romans maintained detailed financial records. But there’s more! I also explore diverse areas such as travel, cultures, and stories, and sometimes just chat about anything that sparks my interest.

You might not know who I am, but I’m here to make this site a comfortable and chilled place for you to discover new things, pick up useful tips, and enjoy some light-hearted moments. So, feel free to settle in with me at our CPA oasis, grab your favourate beverage, and embrace working remotely. Cheers!